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Policies, Service Rates and Warrantees for independent services.


Payment is due upon completion of service.

All services and products rendered by PS&E shall be paid immediately by cash or check.
(We do not accept credit cards)
If the service call cannot be completed because customer cannot or does not want to pay for needed equipment or materials of the service they have requested, then it is considered a completed service call and billed accordingly.

To request service without the ability to pay constitutes fraud. Don't do it.

  When the service call is done: If service has been halted by the service person due to needing to order or obtain materials,
then the service will be suspended to resume at a later time and will not be billed unless customer doesn't make available the time during standard business hours, and then we will send a bill for expended time and materials.
  Service Rates  

Standard Labor Rate is 60.00 per hour, first hour minimum

Monday - Friday  9am to 5pm

Nights and weekends 65.00 per hour

30.00 sur-charge for "Rush" appointment/service (Causing a change in previously scheduled customers.)

Trip Charge of 60.00 per hour starting from our office, less 30 minutes
Does not apply to Chino, Paulden, Prescott central, and Prescott Valley central.

(This is due to some long, bumpy dirt roads we have experienced getting to you folks in "the boonies")


Service warrantee - 90 Days. This is for standard "non warrantee" service requests done.

Systems are warranted by Manufacturer for defects and workmanship. Check your components warrantee statement.

Warrantees do not include shipping charges.
Warrantee void if system and or materials have been serviced, damaged, or altered by customer, animals, or another service entity, including any service people sent directly from DISH Network.
You should always contact your local installing dealer FIRST for both in or out of warrantee service.
(Of course, we will be willing to repair or service your system from them at our normal service rates plus parts.)

Warrantee does not cover acts of God.
  You are expected to know how to operate your TV and VCR. Many times we
are called out to put the TV on the correct channel or problems with those items,
and that is not covered by any warrantee!
Just because we put in a Satellite System, doesn't mean we are
warranting your TV or VCR, or that you know how to use it.
(Yes, some people actually think that it is/does.)
  Multi-functional remote systems are not guaranteed to operate your individual TV, VCR or stereo as desired. If your remote has been programmed for your TV, VCR etc., you may have to reprogram it again after changing batteries.  

If you have a failure with a System purchased from us...

Please, Call Us!      928-636-5249


This listing may not be all inclusive, but it will be improved as time goes on. Thanks.

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