Thanks Obama!

The Reality of Fox News

Comedians and
False Prophets.


We're so screwed.

The great things about Comedians is they can say just about any truth and get away with it.

What is truly sad is that you get more truth form a comedy show, than you do from "Main Stream Media" (MSM).
You know, MSM...  like FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC.

MSM that calls everybody else "Liberals".
Who are the Liberals?  Straight from the horses mouth. This is how they fool you that "it's not them, it's some Liberal".
Sorry this page hasn't caught up with the times. There is just too much crazy out there to keep up with.
Older Stuff.
Supporting Romney? Yeah, I've got your number- One and Two    (BAM!)


Political   More Bad
The Parent Company Trap. (Fox funding the N.Y. Mosque.)
The #1 owner of News Corp.? Rupert Murdoch
The #2 owner of News Corp.? Al-Waleed bin Talal (A Saudi Prince)
And Visa-versa with the Saudi Newspaper "Rotana".
Who best interests are they really for?
Show Air Date: 8/23/10        Additional Story: NPR

The Saudi Prince's "Kingdom Holding Company" website.
  The Republicans, or is it Religions "War on Women" - A listing (incomplete)
For some reason, Wisconsin is the target state for pulling their shenanigans, but the rest seem to chime right in.
Anti-Divorce - Wisconsin Republican Don idemore - Beaten women: remember the good times

They want to outlaw "single parents".
W Wisconsin Republican Senator Glenn Grothman - If passed into law, Senate Bill SB507 would formally consider single parenthood a contributing factor to child abuse.

In the dead of night, the Wisconsin Assembly passed SB 237, a bill that restricts teenagers’ access to medically accurate information about human sexuality.

Mitt Romney Doesn't Have Enough Information To 'Take A Stand' On Afghanistan   (Really?)

3/5/12 The Conservative BS line  "I don't want my money to pay for you to have sex"./
Anyone with a brain know your taxes are not paying for birth control, so the argument is supporting the profits of Insurance Companies.
Also, check out the interview with Shaun Donovan talking about the Bank foreclosures.
2/27/12 Santorum:  "JFK's speech makes me sick".
Conservative always "cry" about Liberals, well here is the game they play.
GOP - Special Victims Unit - The Liberal Attack.

Air Date: July 27, 2011
  Jon on CNN's Crossfire:
Telling it like it is.

The man has no bones about speaking his mind, and it's not always about FOX.
"The media is hurting America."
Campaign one way, do the opposite.
This show gives us the reason why people who LIE to get elected, need to be removed quickly.
(Not that we don't have such obvious evidence already.)
Show Air Date: 3/24/11
  CNN fact checking, or the lack there of.

This link is not TDS, but there isn't any commercials.
What is a PAC?   Another deviation to "The Colbert Nation" for this one.    
General Electric doesn't pay taxes,
but they still want a tax break.
Show Air Date: 3/28/11
    Bad News Baier  Another FOX puppet   (3/31/11)
3/15/12 Santorum: The Netherlands have bracelets that say "Don't Euthanize me"... which surprised the Dutch. It doesn't have to be true, it's just straight from the heart.   Jon on CNN with Larry King.  10/20/10
This isn't the first one, which was really juicy at stating how bad news coverage is... but I'm still looking.
    Examples of Fox News editing clips for their bias. (An Independent Citizen)


I'm not a SuperPac so I can say: Vote for Ron Paul. He's the best Nut in the Fruitcake.






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