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AZ Beams
Viasat 2 map for North AZ unavailable.
NOTICE: Starting 8/3/2022 Viasat raised their lease fee to $14.99 for new customers (and package changes for existing customers).

CUSTOMER pricing for locations North of Chino Valley. (Now starting at Road 5 North.) 
Some areas closer to Kingman may fall into another beam and pricing, please call for verification.

·  Integrated voice adapter with a single RJ-11 phone port (Exede Voice service optional)

 After your Priority of data usage, Viasat may prioritize your data behind other customers during network congestion.

+   Plus 14.99 mo. Equipment Lease Fee.

Packages/promotions subject to change on short or no notice.
Two Year Commitment. Credit Card AutoPay.
No Shipping charge on new system (as of yet).

Free Basic Installation has ended (and we had not gotten a notice until it popped up on a new customer)
New Credit Check policies in place. Some customers may be turned down instead of additional charges.
Standard Basic Installation $0.00, $150.00 or $300 based on Viasat Credit Check.

Standard Installation Types.
Normal Installation Fee $150.00 if there is not a promotion.
A Lifetime Lease of $299.99 may be offered only at time of initial account creation.

Trip charges may apply to distant locations from Chino Valley.

Note: Existing customers WILL NOT get the introductory 3 month special savings that new customers will have.
If you have a Liberty or another plan with Exede and change to these plans, you will not be able to switch back.

Limited to Line of sight restrictions. Expected view of Southern sky at 110° on compass, at 29° elevation.



Viasat's customer legal documents
Please read these carefully. Includes all Viasat's product lines.

Customer Agreement Residential (PDF)  Your main customer agreement. PLEASE, read this before ordering your system. (You will be signing this by digital signature upon install.)
Customer Agreement Business (PDF) The Customer Agreement for Viasat Business subscribers.
Data Allowance Policy Residential (PDF) This policy explains the Viasat Data Allowance Policy for residential customers.
Data Allowance Policy Business (PDF) This policy explains the Viasat Data Allowance Policy for business customers.
Bandwidth Usage Policy (PDF) This policy applies to data usage under the Viasat Freedom plan.
Acceptable Use Policy (PDF) This policy outlines acceptable use of the Viasat Satellite Broadband service as well as permissible and prohibited conduct when using Exede to access the Internet.
Subscriber Privacy Policy (PDF) This policy describes the type of information ViaSat collects, how we use it, when we may disclose it, and your choices with respect to certain information you receive from us or collect from you.
Website Privacy Policy (PDF) This policy describes the type of information ViaSat collects from users of certain ViaSat websites, how we use and when we may disclose such information.
Network Management Policy (PDF) This policy describes how we manage the Exede network to provide all customers with a high-quality online experience.
Legal Disclaimer Residential (PDF) Here are legal disclaimers we want you to be aware of concerning our residential service plans.
Legal Disclaimer Business (PDF) Here are legal disclaimers we want you to be aware of concerning our Exede Business plan.

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