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Here's my opinion why is Exede better that HughesNet / DishNet.


        Technology is one MAJOR answer. You may have heard that Hughesnet recently launched a satellite and is offering speeds they never had before.

     That satellite is based on the Viasat-1 satellite technology that was pilfered (patent infringement) from Viasat by Loral, the manufacturer of Viasat-1 and possibly several satellites that soon followed using the same technology. Viasat won it's lawsuit proving the patented technology was created by Viasat and was granted 100 million dollars as a settlement. Plus any satellite using that technology must be licensed through Viasat.

     Viasat could have attempted to stop or delay the launch of that Echostar/Hughesnet satellite, but they felt it wasn't neccesary since that technology is already eight years behind the Viasat-2 technology. Viasat is already building two Viasat 3 satellites (having Boeing build them instead of Loral) that are vastly superior to the VS-2 satellite they recently launched, the next of which is scheduled for launch by late 2021.

     What does Echostar/Hughes have planned? It doesn't matter. They seemingly are so far behind the satellite internet technology of Viasat that it is unlikely they could catch up to Viasat-2 technology, much less Viasat-3 technology which two new satellites are currently being built by Boing- right here in Arizona.

     Viasat-2 will be offering speeds up to 100Mbps in some areas. I don't believe they are offering it in Arizona at this time. (At least not in our neck of the woods.) It's possible they may only offer that speed in some major cities.

     Viasat has just begun to offer Unlimited Data allowances! On their Viasat-2 satellite, they currently offer three packages with unlimited data allowances at speeds of 12, 25, and 30/50 Mbps. (Depending on your location.) You were once not able to enjoy Netflix on satellite internet, but things have changed.

     Back in the day, PS&E was a dealer of Directway/Hughesnet because they had gotten better than Starband, the first real two-way satellite internet system that we originally offered.

     But then came Wildblue. They were equivilent in speed, but Wildblue seemed to have their ducks in a row, and did not use India for customer service. Viasat built their equipment, but then decided to buy the company. That's when they turned Wildblue into a product name and came out with a newer product called Exede. It was like night and day in the system performance and speed.
     Currently Viasat has dropped product names for advertising and now goes simply by- Viasat.


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