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Note: Wildblue service will be ending, please call to upgrade.
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Other Satellite Internet
Got Sky Unlimited
The old original NRTC offering that was the first available. This service seems to be phasing out of consumer systems, doing commercial systems such as ones we have/had in some schools in Skull Valley, Kirkland and such.

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If you still have Wildblue from Plumas Sierra,
please give us a call about upgrading you to
Viasat or Exede by ViaSat.

DISHnet support here has been deleted as they delete their dealers.
Sorry folks, if you are currently a DISH net customer originally sold by PS&E...
by our DISH agreement, we can't help you switch to our better product.
But you are welcome to call someone who is a ViaSat Exede dealer to change you out.
If you got DISHnet from us, We just can't do it for you.
If not... by dog gone, give us a call.

We used to be a Hughesnet dealer
(but our opinion, they're not fun).

DISH Network owns Hughesnet... you are on your own.

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