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Remember these?

Yes, it is a local antenna and they do pick up "Free TV".

Winegard HD8200u Antenna

Local Free TV

What are you spending per month for... what... a few actual channels you watch?


Dish, DirectTv and even cable is costing you near or over a hundred dollars per month for a package

of channels that you only watch a few of them on some normal basis. They have you by the... pocketbook.

The day is coming where cable TV is streamed to you over the net, but "they" are trying to stave that off as long as possible.


Start your defiance by taking back what is given you without charge... your local channels.

Of course, losing "Net Neutrality" is their answer to that, but even still, while the antenna exists, so can your defiance.


You probably have a DVR, or PVR. (It's a modern day video recorder.) You can get one for your local antenna too. It is addictive, being able to bypass those endless commericials and get back to the show. Not to mention being able to watch the show when you have the time for it, rather than being a slave to the time it comes on.


And then, being able to rewind and see that moment you missed when your cousin was blabing about his girlfriend giving him the nose ring he was dieing for.


Let Pegasus S&E help you out of the chains.

A nice Winegard antenna may be the answer.

The pic shown is a Winegard HD8200u on a 21' pole upside a home. (Click on pic to see larger.)

Depending on your location, you may be able to pick up channels you never realized were available.

This particular antenna is in Cordes Lakes AZ. Without an amplifier, it picked up 20+ stations.

Some of those stations were religious and Spanish channels you look forward to, besides the normal network programming.

Here in wonderful Chino Valley, one antenna picked up 39 stations. One was a movie channel.

Yes, a movie channel on the local antenna. Times have changed.



DVR Recorder Let's talk about a DVR. There are several models to choose from, such as this Channel Master DVR that give you the ability to record locals and even add an external hard drive for extended recordings.

(Please note: This is not a solicitation, only a suggestion. PS&E receives NO reward for this example.)
Since you may be "connected" to the Internet, you can also use this unit to take advantage of other offerings such as VuDu and Pandora.
  Pegasus S&E has been in the home entertainment business for over 32 years.
We want you to enjoy TV without the strings, or with the strings if you so desire.
But give a local antenna a thought or two. Save some valuable dollars.

We are willing to install a local antenna and assist you with the transformation back to... the local antenna.

There is no guarantee as to the number, quality or affiliation of channels avaiable in your area. Just like the old days, locations dictate the channel availability to your home. Obstructions such as trees, mountains and buildings may interfere with your particular location preventing you from the full enjoyment of local free television offered. The local antenna is an investment, meant to save you from being leashed to a cable or satellite distibution system. It does not give you specialized channels, such as ESPN, Discovery, A&E, or the Food Network. But some folks don't need those particluar or relative channels, or have found replacements online. Local antennas give you what is offered locally, given your geographical area. Make a one time investment and be done with it.*


* Sometimes you have to maintain these things after time and weather takes it's toll.




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