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Notice: If you desire a local dealer, such as PS&E to be your Viasat provider,

DO NOT place an order at and expect Viasat to send us the call, It does not work that way.
(As they compete against their own dealers as everyone else does).

Call us directly, so we may give you the local and personable experiance you desire.

Social Distancing and network usage.
Computer Service

Got a Starlink but need help to put it in? We can help.

Got Starlink, it died and you can't call for service because they don't have a phone number?
Sorry, we can't help since Starlink doesn't have local dealers.

Division line is now roughly at Road 5 North,
(on the North side of Chino Valley).

Packages may not be offered equally in all areas and are subject to location, and address verification.

Installation charge varies based on Viasat credit check.  Date of Birth and Last Four of Social Security Number required.

NOTICE: Starting 8/3/2022 Viasat raised their lease fee to $14.99 for new customers (and package changes for existing customers).

Voice: Home Phone Service

Viasat Business Internet

Existing customer upgrades.

Existing Exede/Viasat customers need to log into your
customer account and click on "Other Packages"
to see what you can upgrade/downgrade to.

You may also call customer service at 866-945-3258.



We do not accept solicitations. We do not want your offers to "rework" this website.


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