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Obama did accomplish a few things despite the "Anti-Black man" and "Anti-Democrat" Congress.
Here's the obstruction Obama faced and the way the economy bounced back because of his tenure.

Brief article explaining the financial crisis timeline, which started on Feb of 2007.

A link showing the fear and panic from a few newspaper headlines during the financial crisis.

Obama took over the White House 01/20/2009 with the financial crisis in full mode. On the same day, GOP members met for a 4-hour dinner to discuss a plot campaign of obstruction against Obama. Party over country.

The US GDP performance started to go into positive ground soon after... and basically remained in positive territory throughout his administration.

Consumer confident at a 9-year high

Private jobs during the Obama Administration has seen positive growth or over 70 months now.

Unemployment claims has been dropping, especially since the start of the stimulus.

Unemployment claims for the last 40 years or so...

US stock markets performance during the Obama Administration...

DOW in 01/20/2009: 7,949.09
DOW in 01/20/2017: 19,827.25
Rate of Return: 149.43%

S&P 500 in 01/20/2009: 805.22
S&P 500 in 01/20/2017: 2,271.31
Rate of Return: 182.07%

NASDAQ in 01/20/2009: 1,440.86
NASDAQ in 01/20/2017: 5,555.33
Rate of Return: 285.56%

US stock markets performance since hitting the bottom on March 9th of 2009...
DOW in 03/09/2009: 6,547.05
DOW in 01/20/2017: 19,827.25
Rate of Return: 202.84%

S&P 500 in 03/09/2009: 676.53
S&P 500 in 01/20/2017: 2,271.31
Rate of Return: 235.73%

NASDAQ in 03/09/2009: 1,268.64
NASDAQ in 01/20/2017: 5,555.33
Rate of Return: 337.90%

Unemployment rate was trending up steeply when Obama took over the White House. The trend started to go down soon after...

...Even though The Senate has filibustered any bill that could help the economy and the employment situation.

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Or having Eric Cantor and other GOP members discussing in late 2008 (before Obama even took over the WH) that "if Obama is for it, we have to be against it".

A list of a few jobs bills the GOP-led Senate have blocked

One in particular that should offend our troops coming back since it seems the GOP-led Senate were too busy blocking a veterans jobs bill.

Or having Mitch McConnell Admits That Republicans Took America Hostage and that his number one priority is to make sure President Obama is a one-term president... instead of focusing what his party could do to help with the economic crisis.

Or the Tea Party Nation urged small business owners to not hire people in order to make Obama look bad

Or when a company with company policies about not hiring until Obama is gone based on nothing to do with the basic supply and demand process for his business goods.

Or having the GOP blocked a 10 percent tax break for small businesses that hires new employees.

Even so, the job market did improve, as these old links prove. I included them on purpose to show that the job recovery has been happening for a while now. Read all about it...

Private-sector job growth biggest in 3 years

Stealth signs of a stronger job market

Biggest unemployment rate improvement in nearly 28 years

Small businesses ramp up jobs

Jobs: 2 hopeful signs

Stealth jobs boom: 6 months, 2 million jobs

Jobless claims plunged last week to a nearly four-year low

Manufacturing jobs boom is for real

If you are unemployed or underemployed, you don't have a 4 year degree (or higher) and blame Obama for your situation, then maybe you should get a college degree. The unemployment rate for people with 4 (or more) years is less than 3%. Get a degree. It is not the Government's fault you don't have the necessary skills to compete in today's world. The Government can even help you pay for it (via student loans, grants, GI Bill etc.).

Housing market is recovering...

Foreclosures are down as well...

Average weekly paychecks have improved...

Inflation has been under control...

Manufacturing has started to go up...

Car sales are trending up...

None of this happened because of Trump.






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