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Email and Windows tips.


Exede E-mail Client Settings
(Most mail services now are powered by the all mighty Google.)

  • Your email address and password are your user login info.

    Use the full address and password (such as: and the password you created.)

  • The incoming mail server (POP3) setting for, and even DISHnet:
  • The POP3 setting is
    Customers must also activate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and change the Port to 995.

  • The outgoing mail server (SMTP) setting for, and even DISHnet:

    The (SMTP) setting is
    Customers must also
    activate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and change the Port to 465.
    SMTP requires authentication.
  • Please note: you cannot use POP3 for Windows 8 — you must use IMAP.

    The incoming mail server (IMAP) setting is
    Customers must also check the
    Server requires SSL option and change the Port to 993.


    Tips for Windows users:

    "The Right Click"
    Just in case you didn't realize it, the right button on your mouse gives you a small menu of common choices relative to
    the program you are using. You should already know that the left button selects things, and the same applies when you
    open the right click window. In Internet Explorer, this is a choice you may want to use more often...

    "Open in new window"
    Why? Because it will leave the original window open too, and you wont have to wait to reload it if you may need it.
    The best example of such need is a search for something on your favorite search engine, such as Google.
    You have many results you might look at to find what you are searching for, why reload the page of the "search results"?
    Why is this better than Tabs? Because Tabs take up unnecessary space of your window.
    The "tab" is at the bottom as usual anyway. (Not Win8)

    Resize your "2nd Window"
    Some sites, like this one. will have a second window pop open on links so the original window stays in place.
    But then that new window is only a portion of the size of the previous and you have to reset it (maximize it).
    Here is what to do to fix that: Open one Internet Explorer window. (Start IE.) If the window is not automatically maximized close it,
    go to the icon for IE on the desktop, right click, choose "properties", the shortcut should be set to run "maximized". (Click okay too.)
    Now open IE, it should fill the screen. Next....

    At the top right 3 choices of  " _ O X "  Choose the center to reduce the window to the smaller size.
    Now reposition the window to the top left edge, and then grab the other corner to stretch the window larger to fill the window.
    Now click the again to max it again. Close IE and launch again. Come here and see if it worked.

    The Links Bars
    Do you see a word "Links" at the right top side of your toolbars? If so, you're missing out
    on probably one of the best features of IE. It's part of your "Favorites".
    Click on "View", down and over on "Toolbars" and click on "Lock Toolbars" to uncheck and unlock the bars.
    Now notice you should see an edge || left of Links. Put your cursor on the || at the left of the Address bar and
    (left click and hold the left button) drag it up to the wasted area to the right of the word "HELP" above it.
    The Links bar should have popped down, If not, drag the ||Links down, and to the left. Now that it's available,
    go up to "Favorites", "Organize Favorites" and organize your lists, but put the emphasis on the Links folder
    and those things will be available on the links bar. It should look something like this when you are through.

    (IE6 and 7 works well. IE8 and later they screwed it up and it is harder.)

    Special Note: Microsoft has screwed up the Links (now called favorites) bar. It it harder to manipulate but with a bucket of patience,
    you can make it work good for you. You could give me a call and I'll help you with it.


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